Why is it summer in Australia and winter in Europe?

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We have four seasons because earth is not sitting straight and is tilted on its x-axis. AS it orbits the sun, the planet’s slight slough exposes more or less of the northern and southern hemisphere to the sun, depending on the time of year.

When the south pole is pointed towards the sun, countries south of the equator receive more sunlight and north region will get less sunlight than usual and vice versa.

Why are days longer in summer and shorter in winter?

Again, blame earth’s bad posture, Remember, the north pole is tilted towards the sun for half the year, while south pole is tilted towards the sun for other half.

People lying in the hemisphere angled towards the sun experience longer days and shorter nights.

What would earth be like if it weren’t tilted?

An earth be a perfect posture would be little boring. Instead of seasons the weather would be pretty much the same year-round.

“Winter” and “summer” would be places instead of seasons.

Day and night would be 12-12 hours all year.

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