Why does your belly Growl when you get hungry?

Hear that grererer sound when you are empty stomach? I have.

A lot of times when I am not even hungry and there is this unusual vibrations just below my stomach.

So, what is happening?

Actually, your stomach and small intestines rumble all the time- even when you are hungry. It is just that the rumble is louder when your belly’s empty and not muffled by pizza crust and burger bites. But I never felt it though or I never observed deeply. What about you guys? leave it in the comments

There is something else which also happens when we are hungry. Any guess?

Our mouth starts watering like a fountain. So,

Why does mouth water when I smell dinner?

Well, my mouth is watering right now.

This happens because our body is gearing up for the digestion. As we all know saliva, is a chemical which is used to melt food into slimy gobs of mush that goes down into stomach.

What a technology it is, that converts just about anything we eat into energy. Now keep wondering this.

Anyways, have you

ever wondered how astronots snack in outer space where there is no gravity?

It is because our body is designed like that. What goes down does not come up. Muscles push stuff into its next destination.

How do you feel after reading, share it here!

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