Why do we dream?

Scientists aren’t really sure about that.

Although, Studies suggests that dreams help us cope with painful memories. Dreaming might also make us smarter and more creative during our waking hours. So if you’re feeling drained, grabbing 40 winks- and a few vivid dreams- might recharge your brain.

Can we control our dreams?

Sleep experts say we can seize control of our dreams and do all sorts of fantastic things- fly, relive favorite memories, eat a mountain of ice cream- but only after we realize we’re actually dreaming. Achieving this deep-sleep state, known as lucid dreaming, isn’t easy. Wannabe dream masters practice every night for years and still never achieve success.

A variety of masks and headbands promise to help sleepers reach a lucid state by flashing tiny lights above the eyelids. Sleep researchers, meanwhile, are researching other methods of triggering dreams.

How long do I need to sleep before I start to dream?

Dreams don’t start until you reach a state called REM(rapid-eye-movement) sleep, roughly 90 minutes after your head hits the pillow.

Dreams can be of different types depending upon the things that are going into our minds.

So here are some common dream themes.

1. ….flying?

Life is going great. You feel like you have the freedom to accomplish anything!

2. ….falling?

You feel nervous and unprepared. Did you forget to prepare for tomorrow’s presentation?

3. ….Appearing naked in public?

You feel vulnerable. Maybe you told a lie or overshared personal info or any other reason. It can happen if you did something you usually don’t do.

4. ….finding new rooms at home?

You are excited about new or unexpected opportunities in your life.

5. ….Getting chased by something?

You are putting off some unpleasant task or approaching a big deadline.

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