What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness meditation is a method in the yogic lore which is a basic technique to increase the awareness in some way.

If you are someone who is looking for a tool to enhance whatever you are doing, then this is for you.
Mindfulness is a great technique or method you can use to improve in whatever you are doing.
For the sake of writing, I will be using behavior as an example.

Let’s says you want to improve your behavior so you started implementing mindfulness meditation to it.

Whenever you say something just see what are you about to say.

Suppose someone is continually talking to you and not listening to the word you are saying.
In a normal situation, people respond with anger.

Let’s classify the response here:

  • You started insulting/shouting at him/her. (anger)
  • You just ignore him/her and run away from him. (judgment)
  • You learn from observing him(what not to do), there is always something to learn. (genius)

But if you look at your anger in that situation like this, you will see anger is not a conscious choice. It is a compulsive action.

You can start doing the mindfulness meditation which gradually builds a bridge from anger to genius.

If you just realize this much, your quality of life will change drastically because “life is not what is thrown at you, life is what you make out of it”.

The second situation is an in-between state, which is a part of the process.

Because in the above-mentioned situation you cannot control the other person but you can control yourself.
Not by controlling the anger but by learning from the situation.

Mindfulness is a continues evolution. It totally depends where you are in these different situations.


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