what is creativity?

Defining creativity

So, let’s get to the question. Whenever we do something we do it the way we know best and everyone thinks in a different way. So a lot of different solutions to the same problem. This is in some we call creativity.

Creativity is not something you can think. It is not a psychological thing. You can be creative in just about everything you do from cleaning floors or cooking food. Creativity is a quality that you can bring into your work.

You can show your way of seeing things, it is your approach.

Creativity is a rhythm.

It is the process, not the result which makes anything creative and the process is decided by your perception. It is not something new, it is just an old thing but with a new way to deal with the situation.

So, creativity is a skill which can be learned and mastered with practice.

Combine a few things with your approach then the resulting product will be more sensible which means more reach. As someone said,

“Great power comes with great responsibilities.”

If you just be sensible along the process without giving in to your compulsions, you made it.

Remember creativity is the fun part but not so fun because it demands a certain atmosphere for one to be that way and that my friend takes time. This is the work you have to put in to be better and more joyful.

It is an outpouring of what you have within. It is a  natural consequence of being happy and focused. If you can be focused then your creativity will touch its potential.

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