Want to figure out what talent you have? Here is how.

Have you ever hear people saying “Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will live Its Whole Life Believing that it is Stupid”.

You know why most people can’t figure out what they are good at is because they distract themselves with something for some reason.

Mostly procrastination. Look at your life. If you are in college right now, then see what possibilities you have.

For example, start a blog and write about what you learned today in college and in time of your course completion let’s say for 4 years your blog will evolve and also you will make money along the way.

For this to happen,

Try different things.

Stop waiting for talent to pop up. You need to open a bit before coming to any conclusion about your talent. Everyone has a hidden talent. It is hidden because you are not exploring enough.

If you try different things only then you will know if this thing is meant for you or not and that’s how you find your hidden talent.

  • Try things that you like for starting.
  • Try things that you don’t
  • Determine what is easy for you and not so easy for people around you. It will give you a perspective on where to work.

1         Feedback

It is equally important to get feedback as it is to try different things because feedback is how you know what to change in the future.

It is going to be weird asking everyone for the feedback and can get annoying after some time.


2         How to get feedback

You don’t have to ask every time. You just need to observe how people react to it.

Maybe they don’t say anything, then what?

This situation itself is feedback to you. Observe why they are not saying it and then work your way up.

Almost every situation can be used as feedback. Isn’t that great? You can improve every moment of your life.

It is one of the best ways to gain clarity over the situation and that is the whole point of feedback to gain clarity.

Clarity is the light in your path

If you are not clear yet don’t worry just start with figuring out what you know and expand from there like for example

If you know how to make concrete blocks.

Then talk about it on YouTube or just write about it on your blog. And that’s how you can make money by selling tools for the concrete blocks on YouTube and earn from Amazon.

This is how you expand from what you know to what you do not know.

Try meditation

Just make sure you don’t crash mentally in between the process which is natural because of stress. It can be used as a support system for you.

It will give you the necessary calmness required to figure out what you should do next. Meditation also focuses on the development of every aspect of the human being, which means many other benefits.

Don’t be lazy

Chances are you already have a talent you are just lazy and not committed towards it.

Don’t just try to find talent, craft it!

Crafting your skill along the way would be helpful after you have figured out what you are naturally good at.

Once you craft your skill in something (even if you are not good at it initially) will give you a lot of scope, knowledge and of course profits.

For example, you are naturally good at writing. But you don’t know that yet and you are working in a construction company as labor and you learn that work.

Know you figured out your talent by exploring enough. So, in this situation, you can integrate the two.

You can write about construction because you know more about that job than anyone else.


  • Interesting post! I think one problem is people try to force themselves into areas that are not right for them, because if they had passion for it (regardless of how good they start out as) they would not be so likely to be lazy and procrastinate in that avenue.

    • agreed, but don’t you think that “not so good” areas can be used as a stepping stone to improve something about themselves.

  • This was a great post to read. I think finding a true passion takes some time, but once someone finds it, it won’t feel like work anymore!

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