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When some situation comes which is out of our comfort zones can easily freak us out. A situation like these come on a daily basis as we face new challenges.

It doesn’t have to be necessarily something big, sometimes small situation can cause this panic attack in our heads and cause unnecessary pressure.

Here are some tips to help to be calm in these situations.

Bonus: There is a powerful method for you in the end.

Try not to make any rash decision.

Taking decisions without proper consideration can be harmful to you, you may see it as an escape from that panic attack but it will come around eventually.

here is what you should do about it

  • Slow down for a moment.
  • Try to absorb that feeling. This will calm you down.

Practice meditation.

Meditation is really good if you want to be in charge of your mind and not the other way around.

Lossen up a bit.

Try new things. Do something which is not in your schedule, don’t be like a rock. It will make you more joyful.

Breathing exercise.

If you happen to be in a situation where you can’t do all this. Then you should do some breathing exercise which does not require something extra.

Distract yourself.

Listen to some music or read a book. Do something which you do as a hobby.

Take charge.

Take charge of energy. Fear is energy, isn’t it? This is how you can

  • Just accept that you are feeling fear. This will help you see through the emotion and take charge of energy.
  • Allow it to happen. Just don’t go panicking about panic. It will help you reduce that flow of fear in your mind.

Don’t resist anything.

Resisting fear creates more fear. It is just an upsurge of energy in your body.

Try to see it for a moment. When the upsurge is gone, which usually take a moment of the stay.

Exercise for you:

  • Whenever you are about to do something, just hold on for a moment and look at your thought or action you are about to do.

Practice this method. This seems fairly simple, it is and is really powerful at the same time.



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