What is the purpose of meditation?

So, you wanna know the purpose of meditation, huh?

The purpose of meditation is not to fulfill desires but to give you clarity, to make you realize that desire is your making so that you can take charge of them instead of being bullied by your desires.

Brings awareness

Well, the purpose of meditation is to contribute something worthwhile in your life. It is the purpose of anything we do in life. It is, but results can be contradictory because there is not enough awareness in our actions.

A lot of things influences our action ranging from our mood before doing things to just about anything happening at the given moment. So meditation is like a self-help method which if we do for a certain period of time, can bring awareness into our lives.

Joyful by nature

When instead of being bothered by the desires you take charge of it, you will notice that even if your desire is not fulfilled you will be just fine and joyful. Outside circumstances will not decide you are within yourself. You can decide how to be without any outside influence, this is the purpose of meditation.

Then all problems like depression and anxiety will disappear and these will be your benefits.

You decide how you feel

Meditation is the medicine for people who need to process their emotion. It will unlock your emotion, initially, you will feel worse than before because you are opening up. But after some time of practicing It will give you the necessary control over them. Once you are in charge you can decide how to feel. These are chain benefits(one thing leads to another.)

As Buddha said

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it out.

Bonus: here is Sadhguru’s video on the same topic which is a bit technical, worth the time.

So, I hope I am able to answer your question, if not do let me know in the comments below.

This book is worth reading.

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