What will happen if earth suddenly stop spinning?

Interesting questions isn’t it?

These are the type of questions that people usually cannot think of and are really obvious but interesting. This is “why’s” series. Subscribe for more.

So let’s head back to question. What would happen?

  1. Buildings would topple.
  2. Mountain would crumble.
  3. Your home will be flooded with water doesn’t matter where you live.
  4. Crops would wither.

Earth stopping is similar to a car in high speed suddenly press brakes. You will go in direction of the former motion of the car and that’s what will happen with water and land.

Fact: Earth spin at the equator is fastest.

So people living on the equator will have the toughest ride if not already dead with the snow. Gravity will keep us on the ground which is a good thing as we won’t be flying into the space.

By now earth is still rotating around the sun but not spinning which means a day will last a year

And time for good news. This nightmare scenario is a virtual impossibility. It is not possible.

It may be impossible but ever wondered

why don’t you feel the earth spinning?

There are two reasons for that:

  1. Gravity.
  2. And the fact that you are traveling at the same speed as the ground beneath your feet.

It is same as plane passenger don’t feel the motion of the aircraft unless there is any change in speed. We are traveling along the earth surface while gravity holds us down along with the atmosphere around us.

How fast does the earth spin?

Along the equator where is fast due to its wide x axis. Earth rotates at the speed of 1,037 mph (1670 kph), a speed rivaling that of a fighter jet at full speed.

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