How to be consistent with anything you do?

Can you relate to this?

I always had the consistency problem with anything I do. I just can’t keep it up.

I was always juggling between the things and making conclusions about it in the very beginning and after some time I look back and regret that I left it and again I am at the starting point.

I realized this quite some time ago by simply observing people. They were better than me in every way and maybe still are, I don’t know, I don’t compare myself anymore and this is one good thing I did.

So back to the topic, what is it that you can do or can stop what you are doing that can help you in being consistent with your work.


The reason I think I was leaving things in between was that I was overthinking on almost everything I do, like too much.

For example when I was applying for a job that I was not interested in doing, at that time I was worried about things like my job location.

Well, it is a different thing I never made it to the final round because I was drained simply by thinking too much.

This was the first thing I learned.

  • Overthinking drains a lot of your energy and you will feel stressed for no reason.

There are a lot of other things that are pushing you slowly towards the door but I think overthinking is the seed of all that because you can’t focus on what is required at the moment instead you are daydreaming about your fears and other mental issues related to the situation.

Most of the times the previous experiences starts projecting themselves in a similar situation as a regret.


Stop regretting

If you keep regretting what already happened then you are just wasting your time and the opportunity that you have now and you will regret about this later in another similar situation.

This pattern will repeat itself over and over again. I think I already knew that but just waiting for the trigger like a simple quote.

So here it is,

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. – Henry Ford

And now I think about that, it feels like insanity. So guys,

  • Break the pattern

These two things are like every other habit (good or bad).

It can be an overwhelming task getting rid of these two things. Some kind of tool is required.

  • Meditation

Again consistency is required to get the benefits of meditation. But here is the thing people do things they like every day and with devotion like checking Instagram post, first thing in the morning and they do it every day.

Observe, what is the same thing you are doing every day

You may be consistent in something else and want to be consistent in your work or gym.

Observe, what is the same thing you do every day without a break?

Most of the times it is the silly things. When I saw it, it just amazed me what kind of useless thing I used to do for no reason.

And when you see it you will notice that habit will break automatically and that all it takes. It will be slow but sure, you won’t fall back.

Feels like too much work

You are feeling or looking at it as work because you are not interested in doing at all, which is fine you should consider this as feedback, which is important if you want to build a skill.

  • See, how you can make this fun for you along the way.

Why everyone stress on this one thing is because if you don’t enjoy the process then eventually you will give up.

This is my story and how I am dealing with it. if you have yours, I will be more than happy to read that. drop it in the comments.

How do you feel after reading, share it here!

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