How to backup your website data for free

Backups. Heard this term before? If yes, how many times have you done a backup of your website? Well, I overlooked it until a week ago when something messed up. Then I realized how important it is to back up.

If you are not doing it, you can lose all your data if something happens, So before an update or after you post something always back up your site.

Although, there are many premium plugin out there, which are really helpful if you do not want to the dirty work yourself.

There are two ways you can backup the data.

  1. From website WordPress/blogger dashboard.
  2. From your hosting account.
  3. Use plugin.

Let’s start with the first one. It is really easy to do and can be done within a minute or two.

First, for WordPress


And the last step,

It will create an XML file with all your data mentioned in the image, something like this.

For Blogger,

  1. Click on “Settings”.
  2. Then “Other”.
  3. On the first row click “back up content”.

Importing Data

Importing is also simple.

Click on the import in the second step and then click “install” under WordPress which will be the last option.

Then, click on the button which replaces the “install now” button and upload the file.

And its done. Although, you have to configure your theme and plugins separately. It is the only limitation of this method. That’s why you can use second method which will do everything.

To import from blogger, install the blogger plugin instead.

From hosting account

I will be using Hostgator as an example.

  1. Go to your Cpanel or whatever user interface you have.
  2. Then look for the backup or backup wizard.(You can search this also)
  3. In the backup wizard, there will be two options (backup and restore).
  4. After this, You will have two options either go for full or partial backup.
  5. Go for partial backup of Your home directory.

Note: Full backup is only used for changing the servers, it will not restore your website. Keeping full backup is also a good idea in case the server crash or you want to change the hosting.

Suggestion: You can create the backup for home directory and database separately.

And now download the file.

You can use the plugin

Use Plugins

Although there are many premium plugins which are used and are worth the money. There are some premium plugins who offers free limited services for lifetime. Which can be useful if you want to simply take backup.

The plugin I recommend is


I use this plugin myself and it is good. You can create backups of your website and can download it to your computer or many more listed below.

You can explore it’s settings. There are tons of features which are available for free.

Although premium version offers a lot of features like Cloning and migration and others important once.

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