How can you survive without all your organs?

It is no-brainer that you need your heart and brain to be alive. Although liver is also a important one because you will not last long if it fails.

But the lungs and kidneys come in pairs, So you could survive if one of them fails. People who have lost spleens in accidents gave gone on to live healthy lives.

Donating your kidney is probably a good idea, it won’t kill you. Just incase you want to help someone.

Tonsils and appendix meanwhile, are practically useless and are routinely removed when they become inflamed.

Why are some body parts pointless?

These are called “vestigial” organs, these useless body parts are leftovers from our evolutionary ancestors, who actually needed them. Take your wisdom teeth, for example. Today they crowd our mouth and often need to get yanked by dentist, but our primate ancestors had larger jaws and needed the extra chopper in case some rotted away in the days before tartar- control toothpaste.

Our tailbone– or coccyx– is a leftover from animals that needed tails for balance or grasping tree branches.

Other useless part? Nipples that men have. So, the question is

Why do men have nipples?

They were there before you were even born, human embryos in the womb develop according to a blueprint that’s the same for males and females. Eventually, the embryos begin to take on features specific to their sex, but not until after they have developed nipples.

Later in life chemicals called hormones trigger changes in female so that they can nurse their young. Males do not have those hormones, so they are stuck with nipples that are nothing more than chest accessories. Other than a few exception(mice, platypuses, stallions), most male mammals have nipples.

Nipples don’t cause any harm.

Next one.

Why do I have a belly button?

For the same reason dolphins, cats and other “placental mammals”- animals nourished inside their mothers before birth- have navels. In other words, you can thank your mother for that lint collector on your stomach.

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