Ever wondered why do we ask “why”?

This is a simple question I was always curious about weird things and this is one of them. So, i thought of writing a post on this and will be writing more on such things.

Well, according to the scientists all the credit goes to our brains. Grey matter is the thing which is responsible for this and other non-volunteering functions of the body like breathing, blinking, beating of heart, food processing. At the same time, it empowers you to laugh, cry, create, dream and asking questions.

The brain is the master of your nervous system and the source of your personality. No other organ in nature is as mysterious.

So, what kind of matters are there in brain?

Grey matter: Our brain contains about 100 billion nerve cells called neurons, they make up your brains “grey matter”.

White matter: Your neurons communicate with one another by sending electric signals and forming chemical connections in a network of nerve fibers called dendrites and axons, which form your brain’s white matter. This communication between neurons is what’s responsible for your every thought, memory, movement, and automatic bodily function.

Are grey and white matter really grey and white?

Eh, close enough. Grey matter has some pink and yellowish tints mixed in. White matter is really more pinkish. It turns white when it dies and has been preserved as a lab specimen.

How much energy does brain use?

Brain uses 20% of the total energy but it is only 2% of the total weight.

Why do we use only 10% of our brains?

It is a reassuring idea for anyone who thinks they have superpowers or hidden artistic talents. We could accomplish amazing feats if we could just tap into our unused reserves of grey matters. It is a total myth.

We use nearly every part of our brain all the time. It is just about the intensity. You may be using your brain fully but at 10% power.

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