How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are caused by the same thing and the symptoms are nearly the same. There is no fine line between stress and anxiety, both of them overlap at some point.

Both of them happens because of the future in your head which is influenced by your past.

So, let’s see what is past and what is future. Past is memory playing on a loop. What happened is not happening again, it is just happening in our heads. Future is just our imagination. It has not happened yet, god knows if it ever happens or not.

If we look at it, memory and imagination is a blessing and evolution, it is just turned against us. Look at it this way, your brain is making patterns from the past about the future(that’s all imagination is, right?).

How cool is that to have such an ability. It is just that our intelligence is turned against us and now we are looking for our users manual. But there is none.

You can only do something when you can do something. So

Take charge of your thoughts

You don’t have to deny it because you cannot deny it, no one can. You just have to take charge of it, not by stopping it but just simply looking at the thought. That’s all it takes. Emotions are the driving force behind it. Just look at it before you do something.

If you can’t do that then here are some activities you can do

  • Do some meditation practice. Meditation can help a lot. It is like a magic pill for your stress and anxiety. But will happen gradually and not overnight. It is not a shortcut, it is a process that makes sure that you don’t fall back, that bliss is gonna be permanent.
  • Do something, you don’t want to do. It will change your mood and give you some control over thought because you just out-powered it.

Identify the Cause

Try to identify the cause of your stress and anxiety because figuring out the core is always the best idea, taking care of the core will manage the situation once and for all. Here are some things you can do

  • Try looking at your thoughts and how your emotions react to that particular thought. for example, you had a thought about speaking in front of people. Now see your emotion like is it anxiety, nervousness or it is excitement. See you just caught a pattern and you will notice it change the exact moment. Well, you just broke a mental barrier.

here is a must-read book.

This book will give you a perspective on your path to success.
Taking charge is the only thing you can do. Good luck.

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